We slept over at our friends’ house last night, and then ran home to get ready for gymnastics this morning at the Y. Evan does not have much experience in a class setting, and he doesn’t do really well; however, I’m determined that he will succeed this fall in preschool, so we stuck it out. He needed me some of the time, but I encouraged him to join the group and he did. He needed to be periodically redirected, and we made it through. He learned to stretch, somersault, walk like a crab/bear, kick like a donkey. It was a really fun class, and I hope that this will be a good transition for us. I forgot to take pictures – I will next week.

Went to Hooter’s for lunch today, and then Evan was DYING to go to the mall. We went, WITH his Daddy, in good spirits. I found some good deals and Evan got to go to his favorite the Disney store, and Daddy made it through without a scratch. He got a cool Buzz chair you see in the picture. That rocking elephant behind the chair is sick, and the thing on its head has something do with its recovery…

Came home and stamped a card for Dave’s birthday. If you have yet to see my stamping work, please check it out here . I love stamping cards, it’s my THANG.