Omigosh, I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. There is plenty going on!

Evan started preschool Tuesday the 16th. He is in a Mother’s Day Out program right here in our neighborhood at Kids R Kids . He went to another MDO program last year at the Y, and it didn’t work out for us. He went to see an occupational therapist for issues with Sensory Integration. We did not end up putting him in therapy, and many of his problems seem to be working themselves out with maturity. This new program is very different, more curricular than recreational. They get a snack and lunch, and we can check on him on-line. So far he is doing well, and his teacher has lots of praise. We love her too so far – she is super-sweet and loving and patient.

Sunday the 14th, Natalie, Rachel, Tyler and I went to see the American Idols in San Antonio. It was a REALLY good show, and we got right up front. We stayed overnight, and John had to give Shelby her insulin. I don’t think he’ll be doing it again anytime soon, but he was a trooper.

On Monday, I’ll be back in school at Austin Community College for the Pharmacy Technician certificate. I’m taking my classes right here on my computer, so I can go at my own pace and whenever I have the time. I’m both excited and nervous. I want to go back to work when Evan is in Kindergarten, and plus I’m really counting on this to give me some personal focus.

Last Saturday I decided to take Evan out to the lake (Lake Travis). We had chosen this one spot, and it was REALLY far out there, and when we got there it wasn’t very nice. Fine for camping and fishing, but no good swimming area. Having driven so far, I was determined, so we stopped again on the way back at Shaffer Bend Recreational Area. It was a hidden treasure! BIG beach with lots of clean sand, and only one other group there, even though it was Saturday and 100 degrees. We can’t wait to go back!