We’ve had a small break in the clouds. We were able to reach John’s Uncle
Jack in Hammond, LA, about 50 miles from New Orleans. We learned that
another of John’s uncles had evacuated there from New Orleans with his
family. They’ve had some trees down, and power out, just got power and phone
back, so we were able to reach them.

We still don’t know anything about my in-laws in Carriere, MS. John’s uncles
are driving out to try to reach them in the morning. They are taking a
generator, so they can bring power to them if they are able to get out
there. We are to call them back (they can’t dial out yet) tomorrow afternoon
to find out if they were able to get to PawPaw’s house, and what the
situation is there. Thank you so much for all your positive thoughts so far.

As an aside, my favorite Uncle Don in Colorado Springs is retired from the
army and now does work with National Security. They went straight to work on
relief and security efforts in the areas hit by Katrina, and we love him and
appreciate this so much. So, keep all our national, state, and local heroes
in your thoughts as they work to save lives and help to rebuild the
devastated areas.