This morning John’s stepsister went out to get gas for the generator, and was able to get cell service. She contacted her aunt in South Carolina, who called our uncles in Hammond. Everyone at my in-laws’ house is OK – that’s all the information I have at the moment, but we’ll take it. They also heard from two more of John’s cousins, one in Metairie and one in LaPlace. The only ones still at large are John’s stepbrother who evacuated North somewhere with his wife, and his cousin Blake whose mom is in MS with my in-laws.
I can’t thank you all enough for all the positive thoughts, prayers, etc. We are very relieved, and very blessed. I can’t wait to talk to them!
As an aside, John is feeling called to possibly move back to Louisiana for a while to help rebuilding efforts. Continue to keep us in your thoughts as we figure out what our little family’s role is in this situation, if any, and in finding the means to do whatever we need to do in the near future.