Argh! Evan started coughing like crazy and not breathing that great last night, but we felt like we had to get through his birthday party, so we coughed our way through it. He’s such a champ – he said it was the best birthday party ever, even though he was only able to handle about 10 minutes of the giant inflatable.
He only got worse, so right after the party we ran to ARC Far West. Despite the fact that I really liked Dr. Bethel, she still told us he was having a super-bad asthma attack. He got a nebulizer treatment and a steroid. Now we’re on albuterol every 4 hours and four more days of the steroid to clear it up. Damn! Brought on by allergies, dramatic change in weather, etc.
She said to go to his primary in a week or so to get on a regular preventative. Since we’re self-pay, she’s documenting it as “wheezing”, not asthma for now. So I’m scrambling to get us insured again ASAP. What a week!