I have so had enough. First, Shelby’s death, both of John’s cars dead, one of which is now running fine again with a new battery. Evan has asthma, scared to death about that. He’s ready to move to his own bed and I’m afraid he’s just going to stop breathing and I won’t know about it, so I’m afraid to let him move. Silly, since his bed is still in my room, and if I really want to I can go over there to see if he’s breathing. His birthday was great – he really cleaned up, and my house hasn’t found a way to recover as of yet.

I thought I wanted to wait to adopt another dog, but, as much as I ADORE Fred, I am missing a BIG fluffy floor dog. Trying to talk John into a Dalmatian – my family has always had them, but he has reservations.

I’ve commited to making 25 baby shower invitations, which I’m happy to do, but this is not the best time – have to finish those by tomorrow. Sure would love to have some quality time alone with my husband. Not sure I even remember what we’re supposed to do…

Tax man has been harassing us – no more extensions. Finally wrap that up today, we’ll owe some $1100, plus the huge fee to the accountant because our return was all complicated. Did we make quarterly payments this year so that won’t happen again? Of course not.

Now, I’m feeling super lightheaded. I think it’s because I forgot my pill last night, maybe I forgot Tuesday too, who knows? I took it now, but it’s just getting worse. I hate to call John to come home, he says he’s busy, but I may have to. I’m ready to settle down and learn a month’s worth of pharmacy stuff for my exam tomorrow, and I can barely focus on typing this. *rolling eyes*

Saturday is a birthday party and I want to check out the Hairy Man Festival. I’m hoping against all hope that John won’t have to work and we can try to relax together for one day.

One piece of good news – we got an e-mail from our in-laws in Mississippi. They just got full power and phone service restored. I have never been so excited to receive an e-mail in my life.

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