Hello all! It’s been a while…

So last Tuesday my truck went into the shop with a shattered torque converter, whatever that means. Great news, since we’re supposed to leave Wednesday for CO. Thanks to a couple of somebodies who are more generous than we’ll ever deserve, we’ll get the truck out today, so that’s solved…

So it’s my cousin Patrick’s wedding in Colorado. I have an usher, a ringbearer, and a grandmother to get out there smiling and warm. We rented a minivan, and headed for San Antonio. John took the minivan back while I attempted to shepherd the rest of my flock into the airport. No skycap, me, a 4-year-old, my grandmother, and her walker. Along with 98 bags, on the curb at the airport. Nice. So, Evan and I go on a little adventure and manage to find one of those smart carts. John gets back quick, we’re on the plane in barely enough time. And so we are off!

Land at DIA, get all the people and bags and carseats and walkers onto a shuttle for yet another rental car. Chevy Equinox. If I hated GM before, it’s set in stone now – what a piece of crap that was, but I digress. This is the beginning, by the way, of several days of weather below 20 and constant snow. My favorite cousin Sarah happens to reside in Aurora, and she put us up for the night. Thank GOD a million times for that, as I could not imagine having driven to the Springs and checking into a hotel that night. Grandmother had some trouble with Sarah’s stairs and was EXHAUSTED, so we left her in bed the next morning and had an AWESOME brunch at Sam’s No. 3 . Then gathered up Grandmother, all the people and bags and carseats and walkers, head for the Springs to my favorite Aunt Jeannine and Uncle Don’s house. (I took virtually NO moutain pics on this trip somehow, but here is Castle Rock. ) Mostly just hung out that night, then headed to the Drury Inn . It was remarkable for the price. Nice and clean, free long distance, free internet, free wireless in the lobby, indoor/outdoor pool, hot tub, excercise room, for about $60. Sweet!

Friday was Patrick and Adalynn’s rehearsal dinner. Got up and got tuxes for the boys, then went to Wal-Mart for all the things we still needed or had forgotten. Got to Aunt Jeannine’s house at 3 instead of 1:30, but worked it out. Evan did great at the rehearsal…then we went to dinner, which was good, but slow 🙂

The wedding was a do-it-yourself affair, which meant that we needed to set everything up and take everything down. In 15-degree weather. And snow. An adventure for any NON-Texan I’m sure. But really, it was beautiful and worth it. Evan could have done better. I didn’t expect him to just stand there, but his attempts to cross the church for conversation with the flower girl left something to be desired…

Sunday was our 6th anniversary. We went to Aunt Jeannine’s house to have brunch for favorite cousin Sarah’s birthday, then played in the snow.

John and I gratefully left Evan at my family’s discretion, bought eachother gifts at the mall, and then headed out to the Sunbird for dinner. They don’t have a website, but it was really beautiful, right out on a hill, with this huge veranda and fire pits. We didn’t sit out there, of course, but went out for a 30-second stroll. We had a Porterhouse and the best Alfredo I’ve ever eaten.

Then we headed to the Golden Bee at the Broadmoor for a drink. What a beautiful spot, but we really just wanted a bar like home, so we found one in a strip mall near Aunt Jeannine’s house! Back to the hotel and out the next day, for more struggling on car rental shuttles with loads of people, bags, carseats and walkers.

Yesterday, I’m thinking I can get all the present wrapped, tags made, etc., and the house all straightened so I can really clean today. It didn’t happen, so now I have one day to get ready for the family! We are so grateful for our friends and family and our health, we will hold onto that no matter the chaos. Ending here with a photo of snowflakes – it was so cold that they kept their shape perfectly, which was magical, so magical that we were able to occasionally forget the cold and it was SO GORGEOUS. Happy Holidays!