About once a week I kidsit for a good friend late night. I really like it – it’s good money, her kids are great. Sometimes though, I get home and I’m wide awake. Don’t want to go to bed tossing and turning and disturbing my boys, so I just stay up until I feel like I can sleep. So here I am, having a beer or two, trying to relax so I can get a few hours’ sleep.

It sucks because tomorrow is a big day and I’ll be exhausted. We have karate at 10. Evan’s in karate to try to gain some discipline, confidence, respect. So far we really like it. After karate we’re running out to College Station to look at a car for John, which I hope we’ll like because he really needs and deserves a nice car and the search for “the one” is starting to stress us out. Back into town then, Evan’s going to the Y and John and I get to have date night at Pam‘s Pirate Booty birthday party. Hope I can make it.

My cell phone was missing for most of today. I just found it because it was blinking at me, from the floor in Evan’s room, where the headphone jack was exposed. Apparently he’d been trying to plug his headphones into it. Too smart for anyone’s good.

Fred got a purty new collar. Unfortunately, I can’t find any of her tags. I don’t care that much about her rabies tag, but I need to get her a new ID tag. One of my biggest pet peeves is a dog with no ID tag in case something happens.

Thanks, Kami, for encouraging me to blog on, I’m trying…