OK, so when I was pregnant with Evan, I started having these WILD, UNBELIEVABLE, RIDICULOUS dreams. Perfectly normal symptom of pregnancy; HOWEVER, it never stopped. I have dreams like this every night. I’m a freak…

So I’m at Marlena’s house, from Days of our Lives, but it looks nothing like her house on TV. I don’t know where this house came from. Anyway, I’m there with my friend Jessica’s daughter Kelly. We’re hanging out, and at some point, Bo and Hope’s son Zack (more characters from the show) is being attacked in the dining room by Donald Trump.

Bo and Hope shoot The Donald, and we think he’s dead, so we go to call the cops, but then he gets up and starts trying to chase everyone so he doesn’t get into trouble for attacking the child. Everybody runs, and The Donald comes after me. Little does he know that I am the only one who can FLY (I can always fly in my dreams, like swimming, but in the air), so I fly away to hide, and he narrowly misses me with a rock. I’m worried about Kelly, but I can’t think about that right now, I’m just flying all around town looking for a place to hide. Finally I realize that he’d NEVER look for me at the airport, so I go to the airport, find a bar and have a beer.

While at the bar I talk to my husband John on his cell phone, and he asks me if I went shopping at the Buckle (I think the airport has randomly turned into the mall at this point). I said no, but I did want to check out the Lucky Brand store. After I finish my beer, I head to the Lucky store, where they now have all sort of formal attire, vintage-style dresses, maternity clothes, in addition to the usual jeans and t-shirts.

This is where I woke up. I rarely remember my dreams in such detail, but as soon as I woke up I concentrated for a while on remembering this one so I could share my madness with all of you. Anybody else dream like this? It’s REALLY every night for me, no kidding.

Sweet dreams all!