Grateful as always to The Kept Woman, this week we are remembering those people who have touched our lives and are now gone either through death or because we’ve lost touch with them.

This one sent tons of faces whirling through my mind, especially of people with whom I’ve lost touch. My girlfriend Mindy, with whom I was forced to cut ties upon learning that she was addicted to heroin. Hilda, my party girl from the one high school year I spend with Daddy in West Virginia, and now I can’t find her anywhere, with a name like Hilda!

When I was a teenager, we lost Gran Thorn, my great-grandmother who I was very close to. I know that I was lucky to have had THREE great-grandparents growing up. Then there was Shelby, although not technically a person, most certainly my baby.

Finally when deciding which photos to post, I chose the two most significant, most tragic losses. The irony that both photos are from my wedding is not lost on me.

We lost my friend Terra to suicide in 2000. Nobody, I mean nobody, had ANY idea that this could happen. She was planning her family, moving up in her job, etc. Of course hindsight is 20/20, and they found a journal documenting suicidal thoughts going back some 5 years. Image hosting by Photobucket

The biggest loss of my life was my Granddad, August 23, 2000. My Grandmother and Granddad raised me most of my life, even though they’d already raised three kids. They put up with a ton of adolescent crap from me, and I was ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS welcome to come home again, no matter what I’d done. Granddad was exactly like me in many ways, and we consequently argued often, but he would have given anything for me, and did give a lot. Here he is with my brand-new hubby, toasting us at my wedding reception. Image hosting by Photobucket