I have PMS, I feel lazy and depressed. These girl scout cookies should clear that right up!

My friend who tried to off herself, she’s going into Shoal Creek. She doesn’t know anything more than that until they evaluate her and come up with a treatment plan. I found out that her little boy was right next to her throughout the attempt (a whole bottle of Ambien and writing notes), and apparently she told him that she was going to die. That’s so fucked up. The story is so much longer, but it doesn’t really matter now. I just feel so hopeless, worried, angry all at the same time. I just hope they can fix her to some extent, and that she doesn’t lose her child. Clearly, she’s not the ideal mom at this point; however, her estranged hubby is not a whole bunch better.

I’m fighting a little with my favorite Aunt. We don’t have the problems that I hear from most families – we’re really lucky. However, she and I are both exactly like my Granddad, which means that we don’t tend to budge easily, so every few years we butt heads over one thing or another. I’m not REALLY worried about it, but I’m at least disappointed. I just want John to come home and baby me.

Off to eat a few more cookies and do some laundry. I love laundry, except then I have to put it away…