So after collecting Flutter and Crazy Legs the Blog Frog at her hotel, we headed to Cuba Libre to meet the rest of our bitches. It was really nice, and we had a whole room to ourselves and our very own bar. I had a Key Lime Martini, and another martini with epresso. After that I had beer, since I was pacing myself to get the girl and the frog back safely. I also had veggie empanadas, with saffron rice and black beans. It was very similar to Mexican to me, but maybe Cuban and Mexican food are just similar. I didn’t try a mojito, I just can’t imagine it’s a taste I want to acquire.

It was really cold last night, more of that to come. So we froze our asses off in honor of the obligatory social cigarette, and then headed to Light Bar. It was shiny and classy and laid-back. I had a Skyy and Cranberry, and then a beer. Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

There were lots of feet itching to dance, so from Light Bar we headed to Vicci. Despite my general lack of desire to dance, it was really groovy. They had sexy dancers in cages, really good music, pretty people (besides us, of course). My favorite part was the revolving liquor bottle case behind the bar. I tried to videotape it, because smartass Candy said “you know it won’t really move in the picture, right?” Alas, with no flash the video sucks. The patio was freezing and wet, but really nice, and due to those same obligatory cigarettes, we did spend some time out there. Image hosting by Photobucket
Tammy, Flutter, and MommyMe are shaking what their mamas gave ’em. Image hosting by Photobucket
Here’s Kami, saying “Come ON! Really! EVERYBODY’S doing it!” Image hosting by Photobucket
On the way from Vicci, Kami and MommyMe model their Blowout attire. I have no idea whose cigarette Kami is holding. Image hosting by Photobucket

And then, the real fun began…

In the 3-4 miles between downtown and the frog’s hotel, we skidded on ice three times. We also saw a real rubbernecker of a pileup on I35, and watched an ambulance slide all the way across a bridge. So I am NOT driving the additional 10 miles home, which sucks, because I really like home and my boys. There were no rooms at Flutter’s hotel, so I checked into the magical mystical EconoLodge, where there was not even a cup for water in my room. Nice and ghetto. The heat hadn’t been turned on in my room, and I had to sleep in my clothes with mossy teeth. I was literally bawling this morning when I woke up at 9 and the news was still saying it was icy. Finally, at 10:30, I braved the elements and headed home. Picked up movies, Wendy’s, and a few groceries. Now I’m wearing my jammies, which I donned as soon as I walked in the door. Everybody got home safe and sound, although Aimee did her best to kill herself in her version of a tilt-a-whirl on the highway.

Can’t wait until next year, women! Just please leave the weather to the Yankees…
The blogs I’ll be watching for the best pics will be Dallas K’s and Celebrating Women, so keep a lookout for the good stuff!