WTF is up with the TV Gods lately? Bad enough we’ve lost all the NBC shows to the Olympics, and I haven’t even complained, in the interest of patriotism and what have you.

NOW there’s neither Extreme Home Makeover, nor Desperate Housewives, due to a two-hour DANCING WITH THE STARS?? Are you fucking KIDDING ME? The top show in the nation is preempted by quasi-stars like Stacy Kiebler – WWE Diva, and has-beens like Tatum O-Neal DANCING COMPETETIVELY? Who the hell watches this crap? This is NOT quality TV like American Idol. *snort*

At least Grey’s Anatomy is still on. If it’s a rerun, and/or Dr. McSteamy isn’t on, I am going to put a big-ass mama foot through my brand-new TV.

UPDATE: NO Dr. McSteamy!! Was he just a one-episode guest star? It would appear so, since Addison is literally chapping her ass to get McDreamy to forgive her. Ugh!