I say “my” deer, as opposed to “a” deer, because I firmly believe that here in Central Texas, everyone will hit a deer with a vehicle at some point. I’m so fucking paranoid about it, that if I THINK I see a deer anywhere near the road I slam on my brakes. Drives passengers crazy. If I actually do drive by any deer, I go about 10-20 MPH until I’m SURE they’re way behind me.

I was driving in the middle of the night because Lisa had taken her brother out for Fat Tuesday, and I was hanging with her kid. I had already seen one pack (herd? group?) of deer, and cruised by admiring them at my obligatory slow pace. So subconsciously, I’m sure I didn’t think I’d see more. Not very bright in my neck of the woods, but I digress. So this pack, I didn’t see them until they were already in the road. I was only doing 40, slammed on my brakes again, so I just bumped the little guy, or girl? I don’t think it had antlers. Apparently I broke at least one leg, because it could only get to the sidewalk. It kept trying to get into the woods and falling. At one point it got a few feet up a small hill and fell back to the sidewalk. It was so fucking sad. So I dial 311, our non-emergency number for Austin, and get a recording that the number can’t be completed as dialed. Thanks T-Mobile! So I look up Williamson County, and they connect me with 311. I waited with the deer until they sent the dispatch. I considered waiting longer, but it’s almost 4 in the morning on Fat Tuesday. It could be a while.

Now I think maybe I shouldn’t have slowed? Better to have killed it? Not a scratch on my truck. Guess that’s why I feel safe in my truck.

Now I wish I’d taken a pic. Not to be morbid, but as a sort of an obituary. That damn deer was so beautiful – I always love deer. This sucks.

UPDATE – This morning when I got up, I realized that the police tried to call me back after I went to bed. I tried to call them to see what they needed, but I just got transferred around. We went to Taekwondo, and on the way back I drove by to make sure they’d taken care of the deer, and they hadn’t! It was still there – left to die in pain! So then when I called again, I was told to talk to SOLID WASTE. Now it’s garbage. I’m just sick that I didn’t wait for them to show up last night. The poor thing suffered for God knows how long instead of being put down because my selfish ass wanted to get to bed.

When we drove back by, Evan was with me. I assumed he didn’t know what was going on, would think the deer was sleeping. Nope. “Mama, do you think it went to deer heaven?” I was bawling, and he told me not to cry. Told me to laugh instead. He said that he would make me feel better, and he would tell all his friends and they would make me feel better too. I am SO lucky to have him!