Hi y’all! We’re still alive here. Just haven’t felt like writing!

Saturday morning was Evan’s first soccer game. It was hilarious. Fortunately, the field is small and the rules very flexible, so it was fun! They lost, but they didn’t even care.

Saturday afternoon we went to test drive cars, then Stacy and I went out with the girls. First, it was Candy’s birthday. We went to Pappasito’s, and had top-shelf Mexican Martinis and this phenomenal ice cream dessert. The rest of the girls went bowling, but Stacy and I opted to make an appearance at Virginia’s 40th instead. Somehow I didn’t get any good pics of Ginny, but I love this one of Kim and her man.

While the girls cut loose, Evan made lemonade from scratch with his daddy.

Yesterday Evan and I went to lunch at Waterloo Ice House, the one near his daddy’s work on 360/2222. He played there for a long time. Would you believe that this child was once deathly afraid of heights??

This morning we went to McD’s and then to the park with Stacy, Ted, and Barrett. Now we’re chillin’, probably gonna get some ice cream in a bit. Good times. How was YOUR weekend??