So far the singing is about as good as can be expected on country night. Taylor did pretty well. My problem has been with some clothing issues here….Mandiva is NOT built for an empire waist. And WHY is Randy wearing a floral vest and a striped shirt? Is he confused? CUTE outfit Paris. I thought her song choice was good, but I also thought she could have done that song better.

HELLO! Ace is BACK, Baby. I still love Chris bestest, but DAYUMN.

LOVING Kellie’s top. Very minxy. Uh-oh Kami, she’s wearing skinny jeans. Again, great song choice but she could have done it better. She’s doing really well, but this song should have been perfect from her, and it was a little, well, pitchy….

Chris is doing very well, but I’m disappointed he chose a ballad instead of some rockin’ Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks, even different Keith Urban… Hot damn, I’ve got McPheever tonight! What a GREAT job, she’s just so perfect dangit.

Bucky did fine too. He’s not so bad. Of course I didn’t comment on Elliott – sorry. I can’t stand him.