OK, so like 6 months ago, John’s “boss” (they have a no-management style – everyone works directly for the owner) talked about a sort of promotion for him. Basically, everyone there is a contractor, unless he or she is an Engineer, but they had something more permanent in mind for him, even without the degree. He’s REALLY REALLY REALLY smart and talented and diligent and responsible. Then the whole thing hit the back burner, and we’ve been waiting to see what would happen. We were just about ready to give up, as contracting just hasn’t been our cup of tea. This is huge for us, more stability, a good chance to fix our tax mess, affordable health insurance, probably a raise. Anyway, he suddenly has the opportunity to talk to the owner this week, probably Thursday! The funniest thing happened last week, they found out that he can solder, which they didn’t know, so we’re giggling that this happened because he can solder a circuit board. Anyway, BIG GOOD JOB VIBES PLEASE.