Welcome to my new home on the web. I have no idea why I haven’t been blogging. I’m sure you’ve all removed me from your rolls by now.

What’s going on? We’re moving to Round Rock, where we’re getting a new outlet mall and an IKEA (I SING the word IKEA when I say it, by the by)! Right next door to my girlfriend Lisa! It’s a great deal on a fixer-upper. We’re really excited.


Summer TV. Lots of great stuff this year. America’s Got Talent. Phenomenal talent with just a touch of nonsense thrown in. USA Network has Psych. GREAT show, great cast, and then all-new episodes of Monk and The Dead Zone. Sunday nights on Comedy Central, Reno 911, Mind of Mencia, and lost Chappelle’s Show episodes. As an aside, Days of Our Lives has been crazy good this summer.

My little cousin Patrick just graduated from Basic at Lackland AFB. Now he’s going to school to become an Air Force firefighter. I am SO PROUD. It’s about time, being he has a new wife and baby on the way. What a whirlwind!

Lastly, I’m REALLY excited about the new Dodge Challenger going into production! It doesn’t have room for me and my boy and all our junk, but it’s sweet to look at!