1. What is college? “It’s a grownup school. And it’s where you learn how you get your job.”

2. What are the names of some colleges? “Can be SPI.”

3. Is a college the same thing as a university? “Yes. Is that true? At least almost, right?”

4. What is a major? “I dunno. Sorry.”

5. What do people do in college? “They learn what they, they have to, they need, they have, they need to get, they need to teach how to get to do their job that their teacher has to teach ’em that, right?”

6. Do you want to go to college and if so, where? “Um, yes. ‘Cause that way I can have a cool job. Far far away in another state. In Montana, I mean Florida. Actually, so very very close actually. So close that it’s right here in Round Rock. Is that all the questions?”