Kristine bailed today. Something about drugs. How fitting with today’s theme!

1. Stuff that annoys the living shit out of you. I’m not easily annoyed really, I take everything personally, but annoyed, not so much. I finally figured it out though. I waited ALL YEAR for this game. My boys are HOME, they’ve got Drew Brees and Reggie Bush, it’s Monday Night Football, and they’re playing the Cowboys. It’s gonna be the great comeback of all time! Yeah, not so much…


2. YOUR space. OK, well I haven’t really established a space in this house, but this is my daily escape.

3. Something in your life that keeps the makers of Xanax in business. I have always said that if money weren’t an issue, our life would be Utopia. I’m just going to throw this away so I went ahead and crumpled it.