OK, so around Mother’s Day she fell. Ended up with fractured ribs and pneumonia. We had a miserable time in the hospital with them treating her well and actually diagnosing her instead of just sending her home, but we eventually got it done.

After she left there she went into skilled nursing for three weeks and then she came here. After about a week she decided she wanted to go home to Salado against better judgment, but she’s still an adult, so we took her up there. She ended up dehydrated and with high blood pressure and low oxygen etc etc etc, and then my aunt and my daddy said she can’t go home again by herself.

So here she is. The part that pisses me off is that nobody asked me. It wasn’t even a question of where she would go, but that shouldn’t have mattered. My dad did say at one point “I hope you know she’ll be living with you for a while”. Is that his snarky way of asking? Hmph. The interesting thing about this is that Natalie said of course, they always take advantage of you.  I just have so much love for my family that I never noticed, but I bet she’s right.

We went and found an apartment that she loved, but they didn’t have availability. It’s been like a month, and at this point we’re all very unhappy. We love her and she loves us, but we all need our own space, and she needs the opportunity to try to make the most of this and start this next chapter of her life, so off apartment hunting we go again.

Well, turns out that all but one of the “senior communities” are government subsidized, which is great; however, they require that your income is less than $29K per year. WTF? She’s not rolling in dough by any means, but she does have a death benefit which sends her WAY over that line.

We finally decided to try to find a traditional apartment. They don’t have the transportation or the activities, but somehow I managed to find one about a mile from the house that has a walk-in shower. My biggest concern was her having nothing but a garden tub and not being able to get in and out of there.

She thinks it’s beautiful and she’s so excited and in disbelief that I found it 🙂 She’s here for like 10 more days and then we can ALL get started on this next chapter of our lives, not only for her, but for us too because she has taken on a whole new role in our family.