John woke me up last night shaking the bed with uncontrollable shivering and pain in ALL of his joints. We put him in the tub and finally got him warmed up. He went back to sleep but is still achy. The weird thing is no fever, not even a suspicion of a fever.

He feels mostly better today, just still sore so I guess I won’t take him in to the doc yet. My hero ;-(

UPDATE well he took a Vicodin early this morning which contributed to his feeling better and then he started to feel ooky again, so I let him have another Vicodin but tomorrow he has to go to the doc.  Damn it all.  I hope he’s OK.  He says it feels like the flu but how can it be the flu with no fever or other symptoms?

UPDATE got really bad again today and ended up going into the ER, where they gave him a SPINAL TAP to check for viral MENINGITIS. Holy $h1t!  He does NOT have meningitis, thank God, but it IS viral, so he can’t do anything but take Vicodin and wait it out under warm blankets.  At least they gave him a refill.  Whatever they gave him in his IV seems to be helping for the time being tonight.  WOW.