We’ve taken forever to get Evan to decide what to do for his birthday (Like 3 weeks away). We’ve finally come to a decision. He’s going to take a friend to Houston for the weekend to stay in a motel and go to the Lego store, maybe the Johnson Space Center, but we’ve already done that. The Lego store is the main purpose of the trip, the only Lego store in Texas.

Guess what? You can’t get a hotel in Houston until further notice. Especially south of Houston. WTH was I thinking and now what am I supposed to do?? I don’t want to tell the kid he has to change the plan after so much hem and haw. Damnit!

UPDATE: Whew! I started going to the hotel chains’ direct sites instead of hotels.com, expedia, etc. I found a comfort suites, and it has an indoor pool which we really wanted.