So Saturday morning we started on Focalin XR.  This is apparently a purer derivative of Ritalin.  He took just one 5MG to make sure it wouldn’t make him sick, and then he took 10mg yesterday and today.  I THINK it’s helping, but we’ve been lazy around the house so it’s been hard to tell.  I DID notice quite a spurt of hyperactivity last night after it wore off, and the doctor said that it would be obvious.  We’ll see if the teacher has anything to say tomorrow.

The only negatives we’ve noticed are that he has to pee more and he seems to have a little bit of tummy ache, but nothing that’s really bothering him.  He almost doesn’t even notice, but for the occasional comment.

An interesting aside about the doctor; he doesn’t take new patients.  I have no idea if the receptionist with whom I made the appointment misunderstood or what, but he said since we got in he wouldn’t kick us out.  That’s gotta be fate, I tell ya.  Oh, and Evan loves it there.