Well I haven’t been writing because I only could think of one thing to write about and I wasn’t ready.  Now it’s pretty much behind me so I can catch y’all up.

When I went for my annual lady exam my doc found a hard, marble-sized lump in my right boob.  I went immediately for a diagnostic mammogram (yes it was every bit as uncomfortable as one might expect) and an ultrasound, and neither the radiologist nor my doc saw anything alarming. Well, there IS something there, but we still didn’t know what it was.

Yesterday I went to see a breast surgeon to try and identify it and schedule to have it removed or biopsied or whatever.  She did an ultrasound — after chastising me for not doing my self-exams — and said that it was a “fatty lobule”. John says I have fat boob syndrome.  He and I have now both seen WAY more of each other’s naughty bits than we could have ever wished.

I will go back to the surgeon after Christmas to make sure nothing has changed.  If all is well there, then another mammogram next year, and if all is still well I don’t have to worry about it again until I’m 40 at which time I’ll start routine yearly mammograms just like every other old saggy chick.

SO for the girls……IF Y’ALL ARE BETWEEN 35 AND 40 PLEASE go ahead and have your mammogram, even though they sometimes don’t make you go until 40. AND DO YOUR SELF-EXAMS.   I may have found this much sooner if I had.  I thought the surgeon was going to slap my wrists when I told her I hadn’t been doing them.