Dirty Politics Monday, Sep 15 2008 

Margaret Cho to Perez Hilton on Sarah Palin: “I wanna’ fuck her, but I don’t want to vote for her.”

I kinda like that.  I think it kinda sums things up.


Amy Whinehouse Sunday, Sep 14 2008 

OK, sorry I know this is very pop culture and overdone, but it’s killing me.  Is there really NOBODY to grab her and take control? And moreover has she REALLY not done enough illegal for the English to MAKE her go to rehab or whatever?? This is so stupid.  It’s like they’re letting her lose control on purpose.  Is someone making a ton of money off her continuous barrage of blatant drugged-up appearances right out in public?  I just don’t get it.  What a waste.

Gates/Seinfeld Ads Sunday, Sep 14 2008 

I like them!  I totally get it!  Just related to regular, effed up Americans.  I think they’re hilarious.  Not much of a blog, but anyhoo

BLACKBERRY!!! Friday, Aug 29 2008 

OMG it’s flippin PERFECT for me. I live and breathe by my Google calendar, and I can automatically synch it with my Blackberry calendar and vice-versa. Plus my Windows-based device wouldn’t let me watch video and with this I can gawk at Lindsay Lohan on TMZ all I want! Hooray!!

Way Cool Daddy-o Monday, Aug 18 2008 

This is amazing.  Many kudos, Boys!

Friday, Aug 15 2008 

I can’t even wait.

Your kids will fall over laughing at this. I hope the movie doesn’t suck

Lily Allen Monday, Aug 11 2008 

This is bee you tee ful!

Update and WTF? Friday, Aug 1 2008 

OK, so I didn’t finish my update.  For those of you (not) waiting with bated breath, my grandmother is living with us right now until she can find an apartment close by.  I have much more to tell, but I haven’t gotten to it yet, and that, among other things, is why I need to talk to someone.

And the WTF?? is this

Wednesday, Jul 23 2008 

Michael Harrison Ventriloquist – America’s Got Talent 2008

Evan is watching this over and over on the DVR. Just great!

Frickin’ Texas Politics *sigh* Wednesday, Nov 8 2006 

So, just as I guessed, the GOP takes roughly 40% of the vote, and all the idiots running to try to make a statement split the other 60% with Bell, thanks to all the idiots trying to make a statement by voting for aforementioned idiots. Did we learn NOTHING from Nader, Idiots?? I could just scream.

At least Mrs. Federline came to her senses. Hmph.

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