Evan on Drugs Update Wednesday, Oct 29 2008 

It’s a miracle.  He can focus, but he’s still got his spirit.  He has not gotten into trouble one time at school, as opposed to almost every day before.  His handwriting is improving and he’s making new friends.  This was such a difficult decision and I can’t believe how well it’s gone.


Focalin Monday, Oct 13 2008 

So Saturday morning we started on Focalin XR.  This is apparently a purer derivative of Ritalin.  He took just one 5MG to make sure it wouldn’t make him sick, and then he took 10mg yesterday and today.  I THINK it’s helping, but we’ve been lazy around the house so it’s been hard to tell.  I DID notice quite a spurt of hyperactivity last night after it wore off, and the doctor said that it would be obvious.  We’ll see if the teacher has anything to say tomorrow.

The only negatives we’ve noticed are that he has to pee more and he seems to have a little bit of tummy ache, but nothing that’s really bothering him.  He almost doesn’t even notice, but for the occasional comment.

An interesting aside about the doctor; he doesn’t take new patients.  I have no idea if the receptionist with whom I made the appointment misunderstood or what, but he said since we got in he wouldn’t kick us out.  That’s gotta be fate, I tell ya.  Oh, and Evan loves it there.

If you think Palin is an idiot… Wednesday, Oct 1 2008 

…or even if you don’t — but she is, or well she’s at least not qualified to be president — check out this Canadian politician! Eh!

Mental Health Wednesday, Oct 1 2008 

I don’t know if I should blog about this, but I need to. Evan’s a nut. He’s super hyper, but he also is brilliant and has a vibrant spirit. You take the good with the not-as-good I suppose.

When he was in preschool we had him “evaluated” for ADHD. Basically the pediatrician gave us a form, one for us and one for his teacher with whom he spent 3 hours twice a week. Based on this form, he diagnosed ADHD, as well as ODD (John says well of course he’s odd, tell us something new) and possibly borderline CD.

The pediatrician said, based on this form, that at the age of only 4 he needed medication and prescribed focalin.  I asked if we could get a second opinion, upon which he sent us to a neurologist who only echoed what the pediatrician said.

We ended up not putting him on the medication, but instead trying to understand him, not give him much sugar, little stuff like that.  Fast-forward to Kindergarten and he did really well.  He had issues but his teacher was a rock star and was willing to work with him.  He came out even smarter and fairly well-adjusted.

Our story has changed.  He can’t control himself lately.  He screams randomly.  He is mean and aggressive to the dogs and sometimes even to me.  For the most part he gets along with other kids but he gets on their nerves. He has already been labeled “that kid” by his teacher I’m sure.  His teacher, by the way, apparently believes that his behavior is due to him being an only child. WTF?  I digress…

I walked out of the school cookout in tears because I was so humiliated by his behavior.  He had the whole table hollering about how he thought the lunch lady was “hot” (she is), and just generally being mean and obnoxious; totally ignoring both the teacher and me.

As you know if you’ve been reading, he and I have both been seeing a counselor, and she wholeheartedly agrees with me that he got ripped of on his first evaluation and we need to start all over.

At this point I’m not as opposed to drugging him either.  I just want to be sure it is necessary and will help his particular situation.  I’m terrified that he will lose himself and not be fun any more.  I don’t want a zombie.  I want Evan, only a little nicer.

I have been hunting for the right shrink, and have found that the Austin area is desperate for pediatric mental health professionals.  Maybe that’s what I’ll be when I grow up…again I digress.  I thought I’d found a dream come true in the Austin Child Guidance Center , so I excitedly called and had Evan placed on the waiting list; the ten to twelve week long waiting list. *sigh*

The whole point of this short story made longer is that the only other child psychiatrist I could find was Dr. William Streusand.  I couldn’t find any information on him, so I reached out to a list serv and got only one reply, but that person was gushing about him.  I called to get an appointment and was informed that his office had moved to The Texas Child Study Center .  Cha-CHING!  Just like the other place only NEW and SHINY and filled with young, innovative Longhorns just waiting to turn my child into his better self!

The BEST part is upon reading the article I discovered that the elusive Dr. Streusand is the CHIEF OF PSYCHIATRY at the Children’s Medical Center.  Who’d’a thunkit??

So I’m nervous, relieved, excited for us.  Now we just need to win the lottery because we have to file insurance ourselves, and the initial evaluation on Monday – yes, we got in to see the Chief on MONDAY – is $400+.  Say a prayer and all that, and if you read this far you are rewarded with a SNICKERDOODLE.

UPDATE:  We have to spend $750 oop before insurance kicks in.  We don’t have that.  I think I might cry.  Again.

His Father is SO PROUD Friday, Sep 26 2008 

Evan has just perfected the art of hand-under-armpit fart noises. They grow up so fast *sniff*

The Upcoming Weekend Thursday, Sep 25 2008 

I just realized that Evan has Monday off of school!! It’s like washing your jeans and finding money in the dryer.  We’ll have to do something fun.

Fall is here.  I’m so grateful to live in a older neighborhood where we actually have a YARD and big TREES, until Autumn hits.  I guess we’ll have more “playing in the piles of leaves taller than Evan” pics to share, but making the piles is NOT FUN.  And it doesn’t end until spring.  Hmph.

I just witnessed… Wednesday, Sep 24 2008 

….my grandmother’s dog Sam, a temporary resident at our house, destroying my patio umbrella which we hadn’t put back up since taking it down for Ike’s wind.

I need… Wednesday, Sep 24 2008 

…to get dinner done early, sweep and mop the kitchen, put the dishes away, load the dishwasher, rotate the laundry, work for a couple of hours, get started on the leaves in the front yard, put away the clean laundry, take Evan to football, sort out Grandmother’s pills because her blood pressure’s screwed up, vacuum, wipe down the bathrooms, dust the glass shelves over the bar….

It’s 4:00. I turned in shitty, late work and I’m going to probably really hear about it, from myself even more than my boss.

This is why I’m always behind. This is why I’m always on the edge of a breakdown. How does one catch up on this kind of chaos? I know Flylady can help but for some reason I can’t get with that program either.

And this doesn’t even include the biggest things like improving our relationships and getting our money straight. I don’t even know where to start and I want a cigarette and a shot of something. Oh, and I kind of want to cry ;-(

UPDATE:  My Hero read this and ran home to make sure I was OK and help me out, even though he had his own nasty day. “What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man…”

Crap Saturday, Sep 20 2008 

We’ve taken forever to get Evan to decide what to do for his birthday (Like 3 weeks away). We’ve finally come to a decision. He’s going to take a friend to Houston for the weekend to stay in a motel and go to the Lego store, maybe the Johnson Space Center, but we’ve already done that. The Lego store is the main purpose of the trip, the only Lego store in Texas.

Guess what? You can’t get a hotel in Houston until further notice. Especially south of Houston. WTH was I thinking and now what am I supposed to do?? I don’t want to tell the kid he has to change the plan after so much hem and haw. Damnit!

UPDATE: Whew! I started going to the hotel chains’ direct sites instead of hotels.com, expedia, etc. I found a comfort suites, and it has an indoor pool which we really wanted.

Funniest thing today Saturday, Sep 20 2008 

So I’ve misplaced a debit card and I went to the card issuer’s site to find out what to do. This is what I found upon a search, ” If your card is lost or stolen, please contact the Service Center by calling
the telephone number on the back of your card. “

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