Waiting for Brown Wednesday, Aug 27 2008 

So several months ago I got a T-Mobile Shadow. The inside LCD screen cracked and I subsequently learned that this is very common with the phone and not warrantied. John can fix it but he doesn’t want to fix it and have it break again.

So he gave me this stupid Sidekick 3 that someone had given him. It’s way too big and you can’t download anything onto it. As you can see in my lunch post, it takes horrible pics which is no good because my beloved Kodak P850 is broken. I think I might take it to see if it can be repaired locally. They want $150 to send it in. Oh, did I get off track?

I’M GETTING A NEW PHONE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!! Not another Shadow obviously. I was looking at the Wing, but then Lisa said she LOVES LOVES LOVES her Blackberry Curve. The girl knows phones. She goes through them like she changes underwear. The Curve is also a much better deal with T-Mobile, so I have taken the dive and ordered a Blackberry!!!

I just hope I don’t miss Windows Mobile, but as much as I loved it, it has its own problems too.  My phone’s been on the UPS truck since 7:30 this morning, and I’ve been waiting this whole time with bated breath. AAAAAAGGGHHH so impatient!


What’s for lunch? Wednesday, Aug 27 2008 

That’s an English muffin with canned italian tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and shredded cheese and then baked.  Next time I’ll pretoast the muffin to make it crunchier but it was a REALLY good ADULT lunch.

First grade. Wednesday, Aug 27 2008 

Well, these are crappy because they’re phone pics (I hope my new Blackberry takes better pics than this stupid Sidekick I’ve been using because my camera’s broken). Also, they were actually taken after school, so you don’t get to see his matching black and white camo backpack and lunchbox, but anyway here he is. He’s actually very cute. He just doesn’t like being photographed any more for some reason.
We did decide to go on in because after he yakked he felt much better and fell straight to sleep with no more incidents. We just told him not to say anything about it at school. Evil lessons, I know. He seemed to have a grand ole time and liked his teacher, but he said he though recess would be longer?

SPF – TV Friday, Sep 15 2006 

Hey everyone, Shaun here.  SPF-napping this bad boy this week.  I’ll claim to be giving Kristine a much-needed break, but the truth is I wanted to do a TV-related SPF…”

Your TV

Here is my TV, and a guilty pleasure of mine, complete with karaoke subtitles, High School Musical


Your Show

One of those artsy-animated kids’ shows on PBS, the Misadventures of Fred the Dog


The New Member of the Cast

Stacy and Dave and their boys moved to Montana. It’s really far away, and we may never see them again. Steve is Dave’s best friend, and he is a complete and total useless jerk. Steve stayed here. So, I’d like to send Steve to Montana, and have Stacy returned to me as his replacement. That would be really cool.


SPF – Sanity Friday, Aug 25 2006 

Kristine bailed today. Something about drugs. How fitting with today’s theme!

1. Stuff that annoys the living shit out of you. I’m not easily annoyed really, I take everything personally, but annoyed, not so much. I finally figured it out though. I waited ALL YEAR for this game. My boys are HOME, they’ve got Drew Brees and Reggie Bush, it’s Monday Night Football, and they’re playing the Cowboys. It’s gonna be the great comeback of all time! Yeah, not so much…


2. YOUR space. OK, well I haven’t really established a space in this house, but this is my daily escape.

3. Something in your life that keeps the makers of Xanax in business. I have always said that if money weren’t an issue, our life would be Utopia. I’m just going to throw this away so I went ahead and crumpled it.



A hard day’s night…. Tuesday, Aug 15 2006 

After a long day of saving lives, our local rescue hero takes a moment to play in the muddy aftermath.

Upon returning home, he takes time for a nice shower and relaxes in a fluffy robe.



Ahhh… off to dreamland in his brand-new bunk bed.



SPF – Title Company Friday, Aug 11 2006 


This week we are mixing it up a little bit. Kristine’s giving you titles and you take a picture that goes with it. You get to think outside of the box or be really simple. NO RULES…just have fun.

1. Song Title: Centerfield
OK, so this is obviously not actually center field, but it’s a cool idea, so there you go.


2. Book Title: The Secret Under the Tree
My new house came with this ridiculously huge old tree in the back, shades almost the whole yard. It’s pretty much my favorite thing here.

3. Movie Title: Fly Away Home These frickin honkers totally attacked us the other day when we tried to go feed the ducks! I had to set off the alarm on the pimpmobile to shoo them off so I could get back in the car!!



SPF – Spice Saturday, Aug 5 2006 



1. Your Spices


Not very creative, but these are my favorites.


2. Salt and Pepper


I’m so lame, all I kept thinking of was my bathroom floor



3. Add a little spice to your picture.


For the life of me, I can’t imagine why she would want me to add spice to a picture, but WHATEVER.




OK, well I DID understand what she wanted, but I couldn’t decide what to do and I’m not that good at it and I was short on time, so I went with a literal translation 😀

Fade laziness…Cue randomness. Saturday, Aug 5 2006 

Well I guess I’m back. So it’s always stuff about Evan, but if not for Evan, we would not be very interesting. Also playing with Photoshop and Picasa…

Monday night we went to our neighborhood’s National Night Out party. For the most part, it sucked. The lady said the nachos weren’t spicy, but they were and Evan couldn’t eat them. We got swarmed by ants. The band was the worst I’ve ever heard, we were abandoned by the shuttle and NOBODY WAS DRINKING BEER. However, there were a few highlights. They had a big water slide, and the popo and firefighters were there to hang out with the kiddos. Imagine my pride when he told the firefighters that he knows how to stop, drop and roll. *beaming*



Mama got a new oven, and Evan got a new playhouse. He’s painting it. I walked out there to take some photos, and he said “Mom, leave me alone. Please! Don’t you know I’m four years old now?? How hard can it be with a four-year-old?!” I chose not to answer him.


Lastly, no matter how many times I see it, it’s so totally surreal and pretty when it rains even though the sun is shining brightly.


random Sunday, Jul 30 2006 

  • Daddy’s giant Craftsman air compressor and a few balloons provide hours of self-entertainment for a 4.75-year-old
  • My new landlord freaking ROCKS. Our oven doesn’t work, so we called him and he told us to go spend $600 on a new one and take it out of the rent!! Since we want to buy this house once we have a down payment saved up, this is SWEET.
  • Jaegermeister and a backyard pool do not make a wise cocktail.
  • Lisa, you’re just perfectly super-duper. Happy Happy Birthday!
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