I need… Wednesday, Sep 24 2008 

…to get dinner done early, sweep and mop the kitchen, put the dishes away, load the dishwasher, rotate the laundry, work for a couple of hours, get started on the leaves in the front yard, put away the clean laundry, take Evan to football, sort out Grandmother’s pills because her blood pressure’s screwed up, vacuum, wipe down the bathrooms, dust the glass shelves over the bar….

It’s 4:00. I turned in shitty, late work and I’m going to probably really hear about it, from myself even more than my boss.

This is why I’m always behind. This is why I’m always on the edge of a breakdown. How does one catch up on this kind of chaos? I know Flylady can help but for some reason I can’t get with that program either.

And this doesn’t even include the biggest things like improving our relationships and getting our money straight. I don’t even know where to start and I want a cigarette and a shot of something. Oh, and I kind of want to cry ;-(

UPDATE:  My Hero read this and ran home to make sure I was OK and help me out, even though he had his own nasty day. “What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man…”


Crap Saturday, Sep 20 2008 

We’ve taken forever to get Evan to decide what to do for his birthday (Like 3 weeks away). We’ve finally come to a decision. He’s going to take a friend to Houston for the weekend to stay in a motel and go to the Lego store, maybe the Johnson Space Center, but we’ve already done that. The Lego store is the main purpose of the trip, the only Lego store in Texas.

Guess what? You can’t get a hotel in Houston until further notice. Especially south of Houston. WTH was I thinking and now what am I supposed to do?? I don’t want to tell the kid he has to change the plan after so much hem and haw. Damnit!

UPDATE: Whew! I started going to the hotel chains’ direct sites instead of hotels.com, expedia, etc. I found a comfort suites, and it has an indoor pool which we really wanted.

Funniest thing today Saturday, Sep 20 2008 

So I’ve misplaced a debit card and I went to the card issuer’s site to find out what to do. This is what I found upon a search, ” If your card is lost or stolen, please contact the Service Center by calling
the telephone number on the back of your card. “

Dirty Politics Monday, Sep 15 2008 

Margaret Cho to Perez Hilton on Sarah Palin: “I wanna’ fuck her, but I don’t want to vote for her.”

I kinda like that.  I think it kinda sums things up.

Amy Whinehouse Sunday, Sep 14 2008 

OK, sorry I know this is very pop culture and overdone, but it’s killing me.  Is there really NOBODY to grab her and take control? And moreover has she REALLY not done enough illegal for the English to MAKE her go to rehab or whatever?? This is so stupid.  It’s like they’re letting her lose control on purpose.  Is someone making a ton of money off her continuous barrage of blatant drugged-up appearances right out in public?  I just don’t get it.  What a waste.

Gates/Seinfeld Ads Sunday, Sep 14 2008 

I like them!  I totally get it!  Just related to regular, effed up Americans.  I think they’re hilarious.  Not much of a blog, but anyhoo

OK so… Friday, Sep 12 2008 

….the lack of comments on my blog leads to me to believe that Candy (I heart you) and Becky ( I heart you too) may be the only ones reading, despite my efforts to make inane comments on all my fave blogs.  Hello!  I’m an attention whore!  It’s hard for me to blog for virtually nobody.  (Did I say I heart you girls?)

School is OK. He’s getting into more trouble than I’d like, but so far I’m not close to this teacher so I’m not totally in the know with what’s going on. This will change forthwith as we do ADHD evaluations again and conferences and whatnot.

Otherwise, Grandmother seems good, and I’m somehow wide awake and consequently Storm Watching.  How are y’all???

A New Beginning Monday, Sep 8 2008 

For lots of reasons I renamed my blog “the reinvention of me”. I’ll be 36 on Wednesday and I’m marking a new beginning. I’m going to spend more quality time with my boys, I’m giong to quit smoking and drinking so much and I’m going to eat healthier. Oh yes, and rededicate myself to Flylady and getting my house in order. Now that I put it “on paper” it seems like a lot to take on at once.

Cajun Vocabulary Thursday, Sep 4 2008 

Besides becoming trying to become a master of gumbo, one of my favorite things about marrying my way right into New Orleans has been learning the words of my hubby’s home.  So, maybe I’ll do this regularly, or maybe just today, but since Plaquemines Parish has been in the news, I will share with you that it is pronounced like plack-min.  Lots of silent letters, of course.

Grandmother….again, yes Tuesday, Sep 2 2008 

She’s back in the hospital with fluid on her lungs exacerbated by emphysema and CHF.  Will have a catheterization tomorrow to see if they can fix any blockage, or if there’s no blockage, or if she needs a bypass or whatever.  Keep the prayers coming.

UPDATE no blockage!!  She’s dong well.

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